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iQ.Suite – Treatment of non-recursive zip bombs

In large Domino infrastructures it is not always possible to stop the router for a few minutes during regular working hours. Learn more >>

Using iQ.Suite Monitor within a Multi-Server Environment

The iQ.Suite Monitor enables the iQ.Suite administrator to view the quarantine folder and its emails via the management console within a multi-server environment. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Text Converter

Earlier versions of iQ.Suite Domino used the “File to XML” und “XML to Text” converters. These are no longer documented but may still be included in iQ.Suite Domino configurations. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Domino: Extracting file attachments and graphics from PDF files

How can objects embedded in PDF files be recognized and reviewed by iQ.Suite Domino? Learn more >>

Automatic adjustment of recipient addresses

iQ.Suite Wall allows email properties to be automatically modified using "Regular Expressions". For example, email recipient domains can be modified. Learn more >>

Deleting email headers with iQ.Suite

With Version 11 of iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP, it is now possible to delete email headers. This can be used, for example, when read requests should be removed from incoming emails. Learn more >>

Using iQ.Suite jobs at specific times

You may not want to use certain security functions of iQ.Suite permanently, keeping them active or inactive at specific times. Read in the following pages how to meet this requirement. Learn more >>

Detecting and modifying text patterns in email texts

Using "regular expressions", you can not only detect text and character patterns in Email texts but also change them if required. This allows you to "anonymise" credit card numbers for example. Learn more >>

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