Knowledge Base

Importing new configuration elements after an iQ.Suite update

You've got the latest version of iQ.Suite. Now you want to integrate the latest configuration documents (e.g. new fingerprints) into your existing infrastructure. Learn more >>

Detecting and modifying text patterns in email texts

Using "regular expressions", you can not only detect text and character patterns in Email texts but also change them if required. This allows you to "anonymise" credit card numbers for example. Learn more >>

Adjusting notification options for restricted emails

When iQ.Suite recognizes multiple restrictions in one email, it is able to send one notification per restriction, a so-called Collective Notification that contains all notifications for one email. Learn more >>

Running commands at operating system level

It is not only possible to run Notes formulas using iQ.Suite Actionjob (Mail and database jobs), but also to run commands at operating system level. Learn more >>

Using hidden active directory objects

Users and groups can be hidden in the Active Directory using the “Hide from Exchange address lists” option. These objects are hidden by default in the iQ.Suite management console. Learn more >>

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