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New 24-hour data breach notification regulation places specific requirements on email safety

On 25 August 2013, a new EU regulation came into force which may have long-term effects on the email communications of all companies within the European Union. This regulation – initially concerning telecommunications and internet service providers – will require the notification of data thefts and breaches within 24 hours. Learn more >>

Prevention is Key: Multiple-Recipient Emails Can Become A Data Protection Risk

The mass and bulk mail functions of commonly used email clients are very popular among businesses. These functions allow for the swift distribution of emails to multiple recipients. Although they simplify the process of providing the same information, such as newsletters, to a certain circle of recipients, inappropriate use of the functions can quickly lead to expensive data protection risks. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite remedies insecurity caused by PRISM & Co: Backdoor-free email communication made in Germany

PRISM, Tempora, and industrial espionage: There has been a great loss of trust and confidence in the business world. In respect to electronic communication, German corporations are not only doubtful when it comes to government institutions.

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GBS announces Email management solution iQ.Suite for MS Exchange Server 2013 and IBM Notes / Domino 9 Social Edition

In order to keep a company’s email processes at the cutting edge, GROUP Business Software AG’s (GBS) email management platform iQ.Suite now also supports the latest versions of the leading email platforms.

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This year’s guiding theme ‘Shareconomy’ turns CeBIT into GBS’ home turf

In the era of social media, sharing information, accessing knowledge and improving cooperation are becoming increasingly important topics of everyday business. This has been recognized by CeBIT, the world’s largest ICT fair.

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GBS Project Management 11: Project planning, control and monitoring even more simplified

With GBS Project Management 11, GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) has now released the official successor of the established project management solution PAVONE to the German market.

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