GBS at CeBIT 2016: Focused on blocking cyber attacks

Karlsruhe, Germany

Conquering cyber attacks in email communication will be one of the main topics focused on by GROUP Business Software Europe GmbH (GBS) at the CeBIT from March 14 - 18, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. In Hall 2, at Stand A30, everything will revolve around email security and improving data protection in electronic communication, using Microsoft Exchange, SMTP Gateway and IBM Domino.

“For many companies, IT security is the number one priority. The increasing number and frequency of cyber attacks, in particular phishing attacks, is a serious matter. And those in positions of responsibility are being confronted with ever-stricter compliance regulations”, according to Herbert Reder, EVP Sales & Service at GBS. The overwhelming significance of this topic becomes apparent in the current trend survey by the sector’s trade association, Bitkom, which indicates that for 59% of those surveyed, IT security is 2016’s most important high-tech subject.

GBS’s newest advancement in data leakage prevention will debut at CeBIT: To improve detection and prevent data theft as well as unintentional data loss, GBS’s award winning (Rising Star, Experton Group) solution has been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to recognise anomalies in email behaviour. In addition to the analysis of confidential email contents and file formats, iQ.Suite DLP now collects information pertaining to email flow, thereby enabling recognition of irregularities.

Suspicious emails, such as those with an unusually high data volume or an unusually high frequency, are stopped and not released until passing a 4 eyes principle review by a data security officer. In addition, the web-based iQ.Suite Cockpit provides visualisation of DLP violations, making it easy to detect and block intentional or unintentional leakage of confidential business data.

GBS will also present innovative solutions to detect phishing and spam: The virus protection solution iQ.Suite Watchdog has been enhanced with technology from Kaspersky to analyse web site addresses. Malicious web sites can be identified more easily and blocked in inbound emails, optionally with cloud support. GBS has also integrated the newest spam protection technology from Kaspersky in their anti-spam solution iQ.Suite Wall, giving iQ.Suite users a further option to Sophos spam protection.

But the innovations don’t stop there. iQ.Suite PDFCrypt, the intuitive, PDF-based email encryption solution now allows enhanced control when issuing passwords for email decryption. The sender can send the decryption password to a SMS gateway instead of directly to the email recipient. The password is then forwarded to the recipient by the gateway. Using a second channel for communication heightens the level of security.

“Successful, consistent and pervasive security is becoming more and more vital. Classic virus and spam protection is only one aspect of an all-encompassing security strategy that should include measures such as encrypting digital communication and preventing data leakage. Which explains why we at GBS are pushing to integrate the relevant solutions into our product portfolio. We aim to provide our customers with the best all-round protection available to ensure the security of critically important business data”, emphasises Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS.

The expansion of iQ.Suite WebClient enables users of iQ.Suite Trailer to create and edit role-based email signatures. Employee signatures, liability disclaimers, or pictures can be integrated into email signatures more intuitively. Individual departments can edit parts of the signature, while only the administrator is allowed to edit the entire company signature.

The email experts will answer questions and provide advice on such topics as email encryption in B2B and B2C, avoiding malware in email correspondence and the legally compliant archiving of emails.
The GBS team is also available for all inquiries about integrating cloud based infrastructures such as Microsoft Office 365.

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