CeBIT 2014: GBS bridges email, web applications and social business

Karlsruhe / Hannover

Nowadays, corporate collaboration environments are far from monolithic. This applies to almost all areas, from messaging to the actual business applications. Companies increasingly choose different providers and consequently take advantage of the specific strengths of the various platforms. This creates new challenges, but also possibilities. At this year’s CeBIT, GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) takes up these developments and makes the coexistence of IBM and Microsoft platforms a hot topic at the world’s most important IT fair.  

"Companies see themselves confronted more frequently with different worlds that need to be connected intelligently. This is where our Connect strategy comes in, which we will present at CeBIT. It allows us to support companies in the implementation of building a bridge between worlds”, announces Andreas Richter, VP Marketing Europe at GBS. Against this backdrop, the GBS experts will present two novel solutions for emails and applications, Connect2SharePoint and Connect2Connections, at stand A30 in hall 2

With the email management solution iQ.Suite, any email attachment can be automatically transferred to IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint and will be available to staff through central storage. For this purpose, the corresponding attachment is removed from the email by iQ.Suite Connect and replaced by a link refer at the social business platform. “This way, email file attachments can be shared more easily by staff. Email Ping-Pong between employees, which can occur in these situations, is prevented,” explains Andreas Richter, pointing out the added value created by linking email and social business. Becuase email attachments are stored in only one platform and thus no longer exist twice, the strain on the infrastructure is also relieved.

Modern web applications also benefit from the interplay with social business. In this context, GBSAppDesigner plays a key role, since it makes possible the fast and intuitive creation of social business applications. Thanks to the flexible Connect technology, these applications can be used directly within the IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint platforms. Users thus no longer have to exit the work environment. GBS AppDesigner bridges business applications and social business. As a result, companies benefit from the increased acceptance of social business. Between March 10 and 14th, CeBIT visitors are able to gain insight into the levels of flexibility and agility companies receive thanks to Connect2SharePoint and Connect2Connections at the GBS stand.

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