Connect and collaborate – iQ.Suite Connect brings email communication and leading social business platforms together


More and more companies are opting for social business in order to encourage teamwork, leverage employee know-how and increase productivity. However, integrating their email communication into an appropriate collaboration platform used to present a major challenge. With iQ.Suite Connect, GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) has extended its established email management platform, iQ.Suite, to address this very problem and provide a suitable solution.

"Until now, there have been only limited opportunities to smartly link email and social business. iQ.Suite Connect bridges this gap", explains Andreas Richter, VP Marketing Europe at GBS. This new solution automatically removes file attachments from emails and transfers these to a central storage location within the social business system. The attachments are then replaced by links displayed in emails which enable the user to access these files.

By removing attachments, iQ.Suite Connect avoids unnecessarily saving these files in both systems, thus reducing the load on the email server. "With iQ.Suite Connect, companies can increase employee productivity by seamlessly integrating their email communication into their social business solution", states Andreas Richter. With version 12.1 of iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP, GBS shall present the first integration into Microsoft SharePoint, which goes by the name of iQ.Suite Connect2SharePoint. In addition, the combination with iQ.Suite's antivirus and antispam solutions guarantees companies that only virus-free attachments are stored in the social business system.

iQ.Suite Connect2SharePoint for IBM Domino and iQ.Suite Connect2Connections for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and IBM Domino will be making an appearance at CeBIT 2014.

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