New version of iQ.Suite: GBS offers professional email absence management in the Microsoft world and improved email security for IBM Domino

Karlsruhe, Germany

GBS has released the latest version of its email management solution iQ.Suite. iQ.Suite 21.0 for IBM Notes/Domino and iQ.Suite 17.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and Office 365 are now available and offer alongside with a new absence management for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 also numerous improvements in the areas of email security and data protection.

With the new release of iQ.Suite 17.0, GBS introduces for the first time its comprehensive absence management solution iQ.Suite Clerk for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. iQ.Suite Clerk ensures that time-sensitive emails are processed in cases of both recurring and unplanned absence and also that the sender is informed about the recipient's absence by a tailor-made message. For this purpose, from now on the components and the complete layout of out-of-office messages can be predefined in order to have a consistent appearance and will be available to users. „Moreover, iQ.Suite Clerk for Exchange and Office 365 offers numerous new, helpful functions that perfectly complement the standard Microsoft tools, which turn out to be insufficient in many cases. For example, it enables retroactive email forwarding thus ensuring consistent processing of incoming emails. iQ.Suite WebClient allows users to set the notification frequency with just a few clicks, choose between notification templates and use several out-of-office configurations at the same time” says Heiko Brenn, Principal Senior Product Manager at GBS.

In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May, the email experts have also further improved the detection of personal data within iQ.Suite Wall - the module that prevents the leakage of confidential data. The software update will henceforth feature new word lists in the standard configuration, including both generic content such as credit card data and country-specific content such as ID card numbers.

The new version of iQ.Suite also focuses on PDF security. For some time now, thanks to the solution for intuitive email encryption iQ.Suite PDFCrypt, GBS has made it possible to automatically convert emails, including all attachments, into encrypted PDF files and then deliver them to the recipient. With the help of a PDF reader and a password, that is sent separately, the user can open the encrypted PDF file in the email client and save the attached files. „To ensure easier and timelier processing, users of Office 365 and Exchange/SMTP can now configure an SMS gateway connection in iQ.Suite in order to receive the PDFCrypt password information via SMS, and not only via email“, says Heiko Brenn.

In addition, the email experts have addressed and improved the sandbox architecture of iQ.Suite for IBM Domino. This resulted in a significantly more stable environment with higher performance.

Last but not least, new functions in iQ.Suite Crypt for Exchange/SMTP and Office 365 remove HTML bodies after the central decryption of emails, thus eliminating potential threats emerging from automatic reloading from the Internet. The reason for this is the vulnerability in email clients that was discovered in April this year and is related to the email encryption methods S/MIME and OpenPGP. A German-Dutch research team has succeeded in reading the content of HTML emails in plain text after decryption. „What's more, with iQ.Suite Wall, GBS offers additional protection options, e.g. by detecting HTML tags such as image links and blocking emails,“ explains Heiko Brenn.

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