iQ.Suite remedies insecurity caused by PRISM & Co: Backdoor-free email communication made in Germany

Frankfurt am Main, 07/19/2013 – PRISM, Tempora, and industrial espionage: There has been a great loss of trust and confidence in the business world. In respect to electronic communication, German corporations are not only doubtful when it comes to government institutions. They also worry about industrial espionage by competitors – mainly from abroad. In the digital age, there is an increasing danger that sensitive data containing valuable know-how are intercepted.

"In conversations with our customers, we are able to observe a growing insecurity. Many companies are now wondering which solutions and providers they can still trust with the protection of their communication”, reports Herbert Reder, Vice President Sales at GROUP Business Software AG (GBS). Questions of this nature have been increasingly directed to him in the past few weeks. The back-story unfolds as follows: Big software companies, such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc. are suspected of having cooperated with the authorities by providing them with data, some of the latter from corporate clients. “When it comes to the security of valuable data, corporations are not willing to make compromises. The recently revealed practice causes many clients to vehemently question providers and solutions, in whose confidentiality they once believed“, the email expert explains.

With iQ.Suite, a solution made in Germany, GBS has been combatting this uncertainty for more than 20 years. Comprehensive security mechanisms effectively prevent espionage and the unwanted disclosure of data, both from the private and public sector. Of course, this is achieved without a backdoor for secret services, such as NSA or BND. By integrating powerful mechanisms for increased confidentiality, iQ.Suite implements comprehensive encryption and B2C correspondence with its tools Crypt and WebCrypt Pro. Tried-and-tested certificates from the world of finance also prove that iQ.Suite has been developed in compliance with rigorous German quality and security standards. “GBS’ iQ.Suite enables corporations to increase their data security and to strengthen their confidentiality in email communication. At the same time, they can effectively prevent espionage and are thus able to protect their valuable knowledge from unauthorised access”, concludes Herbert Reder.

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