Rapid changes in the IT industry: GBS stays true to its pioneering role

Frankfurt am Main

New trends, such as social business, big data, security, mobility and cloud computing lead to great IT changes that no operator on the market will be able to circumvent in the medium term. GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) has recognised this development in recent months and adjusted its strategic orientation accordingly. Thus, the software company is staying true to its role as a pioneer and is positioning itself early in this changing market environment. After all, a poll by Gartner analysts suggests that 70 percent of CIOs adapt their business relationships with IT suppliers and service providers to new trends in the medium term.

“IT developments are an unstoppable catalyst of change in the economy. Software providers and system houses that are still hesitant to make this change will be gone tomorrow”, explains Constanze Zarth, COO at GBS. GBS will assist customers throughout these developments in its role as a technology consultant and will support them in ensuring their sustainability. For most business operations in years to come, issues of solution provision and data security will become increasingly important.

With its solutions for email management and application development 2.0, GBS has recognised the signs of the times and positioned itself as a driving force behind these trends. “Social business, cloud computing, comprehensive security and the coexistence of application worlds are the answers to our customers’ future questions”, concludes Herbert Reder, EVP Sales at GBS.

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