Instant messaging management for IBM Sametime

Instant messaging has become a staple of many companies. This is reason enough to integrate the control over instant messages, and consequently the protection of confidential data, into corporations. This is where IM Control comes into play. The GBS solution is a powerful, central, and scalable platform for IBM Lotus Sametime, which supports the leading archiving solutions of third-party providers

IM Control allows for the company-wide monitoring of instant messaging chats and eMeeting rooms. It provides for the comprehensive implementation of security measures, making it impossible for unauthorised users to circumvent these measures.


System Monitoring

  • Testing of Service availability
  • Closing of security gaps
  • Recognising of inactive user IDs
  • Sending of real-time alarms


  • User activity reports
  • Measured application use
  • Productivity, topology, and security reports


  • Central IM and email archiving
  • Chat recording and storage
  • Message retrieval
  • Message compilation


  • Limitation of external domain access
  • Creation of one-sided firewalls
  • Message blocking
  • Insertion of individual legal

IM Control analyses, correlates, archives, filters and provides the continuous recording and bundling of the endless flood of instant messaging data. Thereby it is irrelevant whether the users communicate within the local network, or via mobile devices. This way, activities that pose a threat to the integrity of your communication or constitute possible data theft can be recognised and prevented automatically.

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