Protection against Ransomware Trojans like WannaCry, Petya, Locky, TeslaCrypt & Co.

How to protect yourself from WannaCry, Petya & Co

Encryption Trojans (also called ransomware) are spreading across the world at an alarming pace. Increasingly sophisticated tricks are being used to infiltrate corporate networks and extort ransoms for the release of encrypted data. Our security guide explains how to protect yourself from encryption-based ransomware and what to do if you become a victim of an attack.

In this Security Guide...

  • gives you information about the current threat situation involving encryption-based ransomware,
  • tells you about the sophisticated attack strategies that ransomware uses to deceive victims,
  • explains the 4 steps to take immediately if you become a victim of ransomware,
  • explains which measures you can take to protect yourself from ransomware effectively. 

Free download: Security Guide

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