eFrontPro - make your talent thrive

eFrontPro is a powerful, modern Talent Development System (TDS) that improves the skills of your people and the competitiveness of your business. It can help you accelerate employee learning & development, ensure compliance training and delivery critical safety courses.

eFrontPro is an excellent way of auditing employee training, offering continuous employee learning, engaging your workforce and achieving organisational goals.

Although many companies use elearning today, there is still a high demand particularly in the areas of compliance and regulatory management. GBS have integrated elements of their FastWorks Compliance Management system into eFrontPro to help close that often difficult to manage compliance training loop.


Provided in our very own highly secure cloud environment, eFrontPro is easy to deploy and allows full flexibility to brand, extend or customise eFrontPro to fit in with your organisations needs. You can change your logo, URL, visual theme, homepage, have a privately branded portal and much more, making this Talent Development System truly yours.

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