Synchronizing GBS Workflow tasks

Central task management increases the clarity and efficiency of your daily work processes. This particularly applies if you have several workflow applications in which tasks should be processed. The use of standard notes tasks has several advantages in respect to the standardization and availability in the Notes Client, Web (iNotes) and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry).

For this, GBS Workflow features a synchronization mechanism that transmits tasks to the inboxes of the respective editors.

In the following example, Mr. Braun receives a travel expense document from Mr. Mustermann for approval.

IBM Domino Tips April, 2013

This task is represented in the respective displays of GBS Workflow as follows:

IBM Domino Tips April, 2013

Simultaneously, Mr. Braun sees the task in his Standard Notes tasks and, depending on his settings, also in the Notes Calendar:

IBM Domino Tips April, 2013

Important meta-information, such as a link to the task in GBS Workflow are transferred automatically:

Activating Synchronization
IBM Domino Tips April, 2013

The synchronization mechanism can either be activated for all users by the administrator, or by the individual without administrator rights. The setting is found by clicking on the “Administration” tab, under personal settings. If the “Administration” tab is not displayed, it can be made visible using the settings tab in the right top corner.

IBM Domino Tips April, 2013

In the personal settings document, check “automatic notification” in “create and synchronize to dos in mail application.”

The personal settings document for users “*“applies for users, for whom no settings document was entered by name.

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