The challenge:
Managing business workflows

Managing business processes efficiently is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. Greater individualisation, more diversified departments, varying structures and varying systems contribute to the ever-growing complexity of business management.The GBS Workflow Manager is an intuitive solution for workflow management, making it easy to shape and automate business processes. A sure way of tackling even the biggest challenges successfully.

  • Focus on the professional user 
    Professional users need modern, easy-to-operate tools to achieve their goals. The expectations placed on modern workflow solutions and business applications by individual departments grow from year to year. What is needed is a modern, easy to use low-code tool to realize the professional users demands. 
  • Legally compliant processes
    The legal requirements for business processes are constantly increasing and at the same time subject to continuous change. It is therefore important to be able to react quickly to changing regulations by designing compliance-compliant processes and to ensure consistent compliance through automated processes.
  • Secure platform independence 
    Underlying platforms can be just as varied as the business processes themselves. Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections, HCL Domino or a web browser: Today’s workflows need to be platform independent to preserve the flexibility that you’ll need tomorrow.
  • Cloud ready
    Increasingly, businesses are focussing on the scalability and cost advantages of modern cloud platforms. Operating in the cloud as well as on premises has become a crucial aspect of a viable IT strategy. And that encompasses shaping and using workflows in the cloud, too. 
Potential use cases for GBS Workflow Manager
  • Data Consent Management
  • Data Breach Mangement
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Data request processing
  • Audit processes
  • Document archiving
  • Customer service
  • Product support
  • Service orders
  • Procurement requests
  • License applications
  • Lead sheets

Use Case: Complaint Management

Combine you emails with your busines processes! The GBS Workflow Manager integrates information from emails directly into your business processes.

Create and automate
workflows intuitively

From creating simple forms right on up to complex business logic, with the GBS Workflow Manager you can do it all. Develop and deploy workflows with the GBS Workflow Manager’s intuitive drag and drop interface in the web browser. Create business processes and web applications in just a few clicks: There’s no need for special programming skills. Reach your goals quickly with the flexible, BPMN-conform workflow engine.

  • Intuitive Operation
    The easy-to-understand web interface with a multitude of standard design elements makes getting started effortless, even for inexperienced users. Shape and adapt simple workflows or complex business processes thanks to the low-code platform to save time and go easy on development resources to boot.

  • Rapid deployment
    Workflows and business applications created with the GBS Workflow Manager can be deployed at the push of a button. A carefully thought-out roles and rights concept enables granular management of access rights. Users are authorised specifically for the intended applications. Seamless integration of Active Directory facilitates the assignment of rights to users and groups.
  • Greater productivity
    Professional users profit from the automation of routine processes. Recurring tasks, such as incoming orders or complaint management are supported with intuitive workflow applications. The progress display keeps users informed of the current status of business processes.

  • No interruptions, no communication breakdowns
    In sales or in service: Customers expect a quick reaction. The GBS Workflow Manager prevents interruptions in your business processes. Thanks to responsive design you can use your workflows and business applications flexibly: On smartphones and tablets, whenever and wherever you want.
  • Future security
    The GBS Workflow Manager bases its open architecture on known standards, such as BPMN 2.0, HTML and xForms. With consequent platform independence and support of various collaboration systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and HCL Connections, the GBS Workflow Manager is a true all-rounder. Making potential decisions to change platforms in the future easier because there is no need to reinvest in previously created workflows.

  • Cloud & SaaS ready
    Growing numbers of businesses are using cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Office 365 to increase their flexibility. You choose whether to run the GBS Workflow Manager on premises, hybrid or in the cloud. Our workflow management software feels at home everywhere!

Seamless integration of workflows:
Office 365, SharePoint, Cloud, HCL Domino

GBS Workflow Manager’s universal platform independence is the key to efficient workflow management. Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino and Connections or in your web browser: Workflows and business applications can be used directly on these collaboration platforms.

SharePoint & Office 365

Workflow management in SharePoint & Office 365

You’d like to automate your business processes in SharePoint and increase productivity? Then the GBS Workflow Manager is the perfect solution for you!

Embed workflows and web applications directly in Microsoft SharePoint site collections with our solution. As a provider-hosted add-in, the GBS Workflow Manager is integrated directly into SharePoint, keeping the look and feel familiar – and making it easy for new users to get started.

You’ll enhance SharePoint with important functions for managing business processes. What’s more, since the GBS Workflow Manager is integrated with iQ.Suite, GBS’s email management solution, information contained in emails can be used directly in SharePoint. Email attachments or text information, such as order numbers, can be conveniently integrated in SharePoint workflows.

  • Embed workflows and forms created with the GBS Workflow Manager directly in site collections
  • Reduce system breakdowns thanks to access to relevant data and processes within the SharePoint platform
  • Automate standard tasks and business processes
  • Integrate email contents in SharePoint seamlessly
  • No additional development necessary

Web-based & Cloud

Workflow management in the web browser and the cloud

The GBS Workflow Manager uses state-of-the-art web technologies with to help you create and use workflows and business applications quickly and easily in a web browser, without the need for an additional application platform.

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are not a problem for the GBS Workflow Manager, either. And that protects resources and increases flexibility. You’ll be using your workflow management in the cloud in no time at all.

All you need is a web browser. Create forms, workflows and business applications. Employees can use them right away in the browser. Modern workflow management is easier than ever before.

  • Workflows and business applications are created in a web browser intuitively
  • Simple use in a web browser makes getting started easy
  • Flexible operation from the cloud possible – Microsoft Azure Ready
  • Central management of applications and users
  • Flexible price structure

HCL Domino & Connections

Workflow management in HCL Domino & HCL Connections

Creating workflows based business applications in the IBM world is faster and easier with the GBS Workflow Manager. The intuitive, web-based interface gives you access to all the tools you need. You’ll be able to shape business processes and create web applications quickly.

Modernise existing HCL Domino/Verse applications with the GBS Workflow Manager. Workflows and applications can be used in HCL Notes Client, in a browser or on mobile end devices as well.

GBS’s Workflow Manager solution is a strong partner in combination with IBM Connections, too. Once created, business applications can be integrated directly in the communities. Pending workflow tasks are conveniently displayed in the personal to-do list.

  • Seamless integration with HCL Domino and HCL Connections
  • Intuitive operation simplifies usage in all departments
  • Data is held directly in HCL Domino
  • Existing security and verification mechanisms are used
  • Operation on mobile devices simplifies use when travelling
Workflow Management in SharePoint
List view in Sharepoint
Workflow Management in SharePoint
Workflow in progress in SharePoint
Workflow Management
Web-based workflow modeler
Workflow Management
Web-based form designer
Workflow Management
List view
Workflow Management
Workflow in progress

Legally compliant
business processes

GBS Workflow Manager - Workflows in browser or on mobile devices

Compliance with legal requirements, standards and norms has been gaining importance in recent years. A change in awareness has taken place in companies, not least due to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the protection of customer data has become more important.

With the low-code tool GBS Workflow Manager, even professional users can design legally compliant business processes within just a few days. Predefined guidelines, standards or templates can be easily integrated. With easy-to-use but comprehensive authorization management, the data and tasks can be shared within the company in accordance with legal requirements. Business processes can be generated automatically from e-mails via an interface to the e-mail security solution iQ.Suite, thus saving valuable time. In this way, the legal deadlines can be met even more precisely.

GBS Workflow Manager
An excellent partner in workflow management

Your Benefits
Reduced operating & licensing expenses

Reduced operating &
licensing expenses

Compliance ready

Compliance ready

Workflows are Cloud and SaaS ready

Cloud and
SaaS ready

Accelerated return-on-investment

Accelerated return-on-investment

MS SharePoint & IBM Connections

Office 365, MS SharePoint, HCL Domino & HCL Connections


MS SharePoint & Office 365, IBM Domino & Connections and Cloud (Java EE)

Platform independent

BPMN & Workflows

BPMN Workflow


Rapid app deployment

Rapid deployment thanks to low-code platform

Alexander Tzonev

"With GBS Workflow Manager, workflow management can finally be used by everyone! Professional users can create individual, automatable and legally compliant business processes and applications without programming knowledge. The intuitive operation and availability on all important platforms gives companies the freedom they need."

Alexander Tzonev, BULPROS Chief Technology Officer

Just try it!

The GBS Workflow Manager is the heart of a modern application landscape. The intuitive design tools let you create business applications and workflows for browsers, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Domino - without needing special programming skills.

You’re interested and would like to know more about the GBS Workflow Manager? Register here – without obligation and free of charge. The GBS team will contact you.

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