GBS AppDesigner – create new applications, modernise existing applications

GBS AppDesigner revolutionises the modernisation, development and provision of web applications. Employees in various departments are able to intuitively create applications via drag and drop. No programming knowledge is required! Specialised applications, which are often needed to support existing tasks quickly and easily, particularly benefit from GBS AppDesigner. Operation is as simple as it gets and organised based on an easily comprehensible web interface with numerous standard design elements. Thanks to integrated workflow support, individual business processes can also be displayed in a fast and simple manner. More advanced users are also able to use additional customisation features.

Possible uses for AppDesigner
  • Customer service
  • Product support
  • Service requests
  • Lead forms
  • Travel authorisations
  • Invoice management
  • License applications
  • File archiving
  • Conversation reports
  • Release procedures
  • Vacation requests
  • Staff evaluations
  • Procurement applications
  • Leasing contracts

Modern applications require user-friendly interfaces

This problem may sound familiar: applications with old fashioned interfaces often lack intuitiveness and therefore user acceptance. Web browser and mobile use are unimaginable. This is now a thing of the past! GBS AppDesigner allows for the intuitive development of new web applications, as well as the modernisation of existing IBM Notes/Domino applications. The solution also adds a modern Web 2.0 user interface – the XPages technology on which it is based is the key to success. As a result, applications can be used in IBM Notes client, a browser or on mobile devices!

GBS AppDesigner’s comprehensive platform independence is crucial for efficient web applications. Our solution feels right at home, whether you are using Java EE, IBM Domino and Connections or Microsoft SharePoint. This makes subsequent platform migrations easy and does not require significant new investments in the created applications.

You’d like to stay flexible right from the beginning and grow as your needs grow? Then running the GBS AppDesigner and your applications from the cloud is the right strategy for you. Designing applications has never been easier!

Your GBS AppDesigner advantages
Intuitive operation via drag and drop Simple integration of cloud and SaaS
Standardised processes Comprehensive sustainability
Improved cost control and risk minimisation Open architecture with recognised standards
Tablet and smartphone support Comprehensive platform independence

Use applications – wherever and whenever you want!

Where other solutions fail, GBS AppDesigner shines. Newly created business applications cannot only be used on a PC, but also on a tablet or smartphone. With this capability, fundamental business processes become ready for the mobile business world! This prevents the extensive adjustments required for mobile devices and renders the use of costly mobility frameworks obsolete.

The GBS AppDesigner for your pc, laptop, smartphone or tablet
Use business applications any time and anywhere: PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet.

An additional highlight is the seamless coupling with modern collaboration and social business platforms. GBS AppDesigner enables the interplay of web applications with Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Connections, both on premise and via cloud-based environments. This way, you have all possibilities for the smart creation of business applications right at your fingertips.

Characteristics of application development
Fast provision of individual solutions Usable in browsers and on mobile devices
Integrated, powerful workflow engine Graphic models of business processes
Can be run in IBM Domino or Java EE Application development without prior programming experience
Forms and workflows can be fully run in browsers Recognised standards, such as BPMN 2.0, XForms and Web services
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