GBS AppDesigner – the future of application development with Microsoft SharePoint and mobile integration

The new business world is mobile and interconnected. Companies are now required to adjust their business applications to operate in this new world. Employees also want to work independent of devices and places. GBS AppDesigner opens the door to this new world. It integrates modern collaboration and social business platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Connections. At the same time, the mobile use of applications is tremendously simplified. Applications created with GBS AppDesigner are ready for ad-hoc use on smartphones and tablets. All of this is achieved with a mobile app that enables your access to applications and business processes anywhere and any time.

Mobile access

Business applications in an intuitive app

With GBS AppDesigner, you are able to determine a target platform during the development processes. Afterwards, you are able to make the application available by mouse click. This makes the integration of mobile devices a breeze! The open architecture of GBS AppDesigner provides limitless possibilities. Applications can be checked and their final design optimised during the developmental phase. Afterwards, these applications can be used on smartphones, tablets powered by Apple iOS and Google Android (available soon) thanks to GBS AppDesigner. Even better: multiple applications can be used in the mobile app, which allows for fast switching between multiple business applications.

Mobilisation advantages and characteristics
Easy integration of smartphones and tablets One central app for diverse applications
Developed applications are instantly ready for mobile use Keep working even without network service
Data storage and access on the go Available for Apple iOS and Google Android
Make decisions any time and anywhere Use of device functions, such as camera and GPS

Your social business link

If one considers IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint as a user’s central workspace, it is logical to integrate business applications into this space. However, until now, the possibilities for this were limited. GBS AppDesigner closes this technological gap. The solution not only allows for the use of platform-independent web applications, but can also be integrated into Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Connections. This expands the range of social business platforms by including important functions for the development and usage of applications, which creates noticeable value added to these platforms, increases user acceptance and facilitates daily work processes. GBS AppDesigner also facilitates the interplay with cloud scenarios. This way you can use the GBS AppDesigner quickly and easily in Microsoft Azure. This provides more flexibility and simplifies the usage of GBS AppDesigner!

Advantages and characteristics of integration
Now available from the cloud Easy addition to work places and communities
Integration into existing social business systems Additional provider-hosted app in Microsoft SharePoint
Efficient work processes thanks to reduced system breaks Created applications are immediately ready for use
Independent, powerful workflow engine Additional widget in IBM Connections
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