Permessa IM Policy Enforcer

Permessa IM Policy Enforcer provides real-time compliance and instant messaging policy enforcement for IBM Sametime. It monitors messages in real time, as they are being sent and received. It can take action based on the policies that you select, including stopping a chat mid-conversation. Other actions can include adding text to messages and preventing chats from being established between selected people.

Corporate policies may be content based or sender/receiver based. Content-based policies can be used to block, quarantine or send an alert for any content that you deem to be against corporate policies. For example, Permessa IM Policy Enforcer can block messages with offensive language or unencrypted credit card and social security numbers. Permessa’s instant messaging policy enforcement tool can also be used to monitor or block communications between selected individuals or groups (Chinese Wall).


  • Enforces instant messaging corporate and compliance polices in real time
  • Can block communications or add text to a message based on who participates and message content
  • Works on both internal and external communications
  • Native software-only solution that does not require the purchase of an expensive proxy appliance
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